Who We Are

We put the Gospel into action.

Living and serving within Charlotte’s inner-city refugee community, we take Jesus’ call to love, disciple, and provide for those most in need as literally as possible.

Through One7, God is making the impossible possible – transforming lives marked by homelessness, abuse, abandonment, and worse into the next generation of leaders for Christ. That’s why our name is One7. It comes from Jeremiah 1:1-7, where God called young Jeremiah to overcome his own fears and proclaim God’s message. Jeremiah felt his youth and poor speech made him useless, but God’s response in verse 1:7 is our battle cry in destroying those lies of inadequacy:

Don’t be afraid. Go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you to. Don’t be afraid of the people, I will be with you and see you through.

East Charlotte (and the world) are full of Jeremiahs. One7’s mission is to reveal the truth that their limits are irrelevant to a God who has chosen them for greatness. Learn more about our story, who we serve, our staff, and our community partners.