Outreach Center

We are so excited to announce the completion of our Outreach Center as of fall 2016! At the One7 Outreach Center we host our after-school program, sports ministry leagues, and leadership training on site. Our purpose is to influence and love our community in a powerful way.

Community Events

We are blessed to have an outreach center as an extension of what we do every day. Our outreach center allows us to host different events to serve the community. Our desire is to use the building to show God’s love to those around us. From birthday parties to food drives, we invite people to our outreach center and pray they experience God’s love when they come.


Our outreach center has indoor and outdoor soccer fields, and gym equipment. Kids from different neighborhoods come to play soccer and to train with us, using our workout facilities. We pray we give kids far more than a place to workout; we pray it is a place where they experience what God’s family looks like on and off the soccer field.

Paw Htoo, Paweh Gay, and Pawni came to One7 six years ago, their family broken and struggling financially. They were living in a dirty apartment with little food, their father had been killed, and their mother was suffering and in a hopeless situation. Their entire family moved to One7, and the staff was blessed with the opportunity to help raise the girls in a loving environment where their mother now has been able to start a new life. Seeing the smile on moms face every day makes this story complete. Their lives have been changed as they pursue God on a daily basis, and they are leaders here at One7.