The Apartments

A place where anyone in need, regardless of their situation, isn’t just welcomed, they’re loved and cared for as the prized child of God that they are. A place where inner-city youth can have fun while finding refuge from unstable homes—or no home at all. Where discipleship isn’t scheduled or engineered; it’s a real-time part of doing life together.

That’s what happens at the Apartments.

Our 18-unit apartment complex provides transitional housing and life-stabilization in a holistically supportive community for homeless and disadvantaged families.

This is also the epicenter of our community outreach efforts, where inner-city youth can be found nearly all day, every day playing and living life together in a safe, fun, and loving environment. Our weekly community outreach night, One7 Live!, also happens here, along with many other events and activities to serve the community and raise young men and women into leaders for Christ.

Apartment Building

18 one-bedroom/bath apartment units with full kitchens

The Girls' Houses

Our female staff housing allows girls from all ages to gather in a safe environment to engage in small group bible studies, cooking lessons, and fellowship.


Full-size turf soccer court, two mini courts, grass soccer field, outdoor dining area, and trampoline park.

Play Areas

Playground with swings, octoball, treehouses, and zipline

Noah: A Life Restored

Noah is an Iraqi refugee whose family was placed in Charlotte, but never found stability. After bouncing around wherever they could find housing and work, his parents gave up and returned to Iraq… without Noah. Abandoned in a foreign country by his family, this 12-year-old boy was living in a broken-down car in Charlotte. We found him in that car, brought him to One7, and have raised him ever since. In six short years, living at One7 and growing into a leader on our soccer team, God has used One7 to defy hopeless odds in his life. Not only did Noah gain stability and wholeness, but, after a year of being surrounded by the love of Christ, Noah gave his life to follow Him-renouncing his life as a Muslim, and thus being disowned by his family. Now a young leader for Christ, Noah’s radical life change by God through One7 is the core of our mission for every One7 child and family.